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In April 2016, The Little Hoover Commission, an independent state oversight agency, released its report #230 "Fixing Denti-Cal".  The report acknowledged Denti-Cal's reputation as broken, dysfunctional or an outright mess.

Oral health care is an integral component to a woman’s prenatal care during her pregnancy. While providing oral health care to a pregnant woman is important, educating them about prevention and treatment of dental caries and other oral diseases is essential for the overall health of the woman and her baby. Educating the providers can increase the likelihood that the message will reach the pregnant women. Patients are more likely to listen to their prenatal care professionals about the importance of oral health and seek dental care during their pregnancy. There needs to be a coordinated effort between the prenatal and oral health providers to devise a plan to incorporate dental care as an integral part of a pregnant woman’s prenatal care.





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