Oral Health Action Coalition: Inland Empire

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Launched in October 2014, the Oral Health Action Coalition - Inland Empire (OHAC-IE) started as a grassroots joint effort of Kaiser Permanente and the Center for Oral Health to mobilize and organize local resources to increase access to oral health care and improve health outcomes for the residents of the Inland Empire Region of Southern California. 


To improve the oral health of vulnerable populations in the Inland Empire Region of Southern California.


To improve overall health by eliminating oral disease among vulnerable populations in the Inland Empire. 

Current Oral Health Landscape in San Bernardino County:

Population: 2,088,371 (4% of the State of California)

Population of Children (18 and younger): 578,479

Population living below the poverty level: 367,553 (almost 18%)
There are approximately 20,000 dentists practicing in California

There are only 793 licensed dentists in San Bernardino County, 21 of which are Pediatric Dentists (only 4% of California's Dental Workforce practices in S. Bernardino)

1 dentist per 2,634 people (State median is 1 dentist per 1,900 people)

1 pediatric dentist per 27,547 children

Only 14 Periodontists in San Bernardino County

Only 198 dentist that accept Denti-Cal (Medi-Cal equivalent of Dental Insurance)


“The mission of the coalition to mobilize and to organize the local resources – and especially with a focus to help the underserved, underinsured population – really meets [our] mission.”