Early Smiles Sacramento


In 2016, Center for Oral Health established the Early Smiles Sacramento Program with the support of Liberty Dental Plan, HealthNet and Access to serve underserved children in Sacramento County. The services consist of an oral health examination-looking for visible decay (cavities) and any abnormalities, oral hygiene instruction, and topical application of fluoride. The Early Smiles Team is committed to helping students seek dental treatment by providing navigation services to their dental plans, along with translation, and transportation services to and from appointments as needed. In addition, we have partnered with Sacramento Covered and Sacramento District Dental Society to help find services for the uninsured and privately insured.

Sacramento Office
9521 Folsom Blvd, Suite R1A, Sacramento, CA 95827
(916) 572-4860

MOU with SIX School Districts in Sacramento County
Dental Screenings & Fluoride Applications
Screenings in 55 Schools
More than 50 Community Events

FY 2017

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"I had a child in my office with 10 decayed teeth in her mouth and was in pain.  Nothing had been done for this child since the family was unable to navigate the system by themselves.  I then connected the grandmother of the child to Rachel (Early Smiles Sacramento) who, within 4 hours, connected the child to her dentist (through Access Dental) and the child was in the dental chair the next day".

- School Nurse

"Having direct access to the plans and having someone who can come out and actually do the treatment (preventative care - FV application) and then navigation, is life-changing for our kids and our families."

- School Nurse

The Early Smiles Sacramento staff and Danielle (Liberty Dental Plan) have come to our staff meetings, presented to our nurses and, given out their phone numbers and the staff have used them.  That same day, they (school staff) had a kid that was in massive pain and they called them (ESS).  Not only have Early Smiles staff gotten them dental treatment that same day, but they have gotten them transportation and have been able to translate through the language line.  We have never had that kind of access for our families and children."

- Director of Programs, School District